Pro 2500 Eko Control Card

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Up to 10 stops, simple (up and down) and full collective control
Compatible with single speed, two speed and VVVF elevators
Adjustable lock wait time, wait at the floor time, maximum high speed time, maximum low speed time and cabin light time
Internal automatic door card
Call lapm and buttons can be connected to the system by only one shared wire
Easy and fast installation with no errors by using integral terminal card
Cabin serial communication output
Positioning information by bistable switches
Adjustable parking station and destination time to parking stop.
By receiving a power after power loss, the car moves to the first stop (related to request)
The function of manual movement during the low speed by using program buttons
Overload warning function
Adjustable maintenance time and warning indication on LCD screen once maintenance required
When the door is open for a long time or the stop rotation circuit is not detected for a long time, you can see the warning function from LCD dısplay on the      card
Display outputs adjustable for each station with short circuit protection
Electronic control of phases, phase sequences and PTC (motor temperature), and errors related to these controls can be seen on LCD screen of the card. These functions can be deactivated by parameter selection; phase level sensitivity can be adjusted
Outputs for direction arrows, out of servis signal and busy signal by 5A relay contact; a signal common Input for these outputs
For the Elevators that have only one fully automatic door, the floor where fully automatic door located can be chosen
At the revision can select whether to move up and low limit contacts or to the floor level;
Display outputs are changeable to a gray-code or binary code output.
All parameters can be easily adjusted by LCD display or keyboard buttons

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