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GMedia15 is a lift cabin display which plays audios and videos,
shows pictures, and announces all the lift warning and needed information.
Also, more visual quality and functionality are aimed for lifts with this product.
GMeida7&GMedia10 is an easy-to-use product because of playing and showing
easily the files located in USB Flash Drive. It has also user friendly menu
used for settings all the property.

Playing Video
Sliding Pictures
Playing Audio
Announcing lift information
Changing icons color
Changing background color
Showing Date and Time
Optional landscape or portrait usage
High resolution video capability
High quality audio file playing

Screen Size 
GMedia10 - 10.1’’
1024 (w) * 600 (H)
Active Area 
222,72 (W) x 125,28 (H)
Pixel Size (mm) 
 0,2175 (W) x 0,2088 (H)
Backlight Life 
30.000 hours (minimum)
Image Formats 
jpeg, png, bmp
Video Formats
mpeg, avi, wmv
Audio Formats
mp3, mp4, wav
Operating Temperature
0 - 60 C
Operating Voltage
15 - 28 V DC
Power Consumption

Detailed Information

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