About Us

Prosis Asansor Ltd. has been becoming one of the leading companies in the elevator sector with its high-quality products and service based on customer satisfaction since it was established in 1989. In addition to supplying to many big Turkish companies in the direction of production which does not compromise quality standard, Our company carries out standard and OEM productions to many other leading elevator companies in the world. By enlarging our product portfolio and being in partnership with overseas companies we have been working as an authorized distributor of HPMONT since 2014. Prosis, which has succeeded in crossing the borders of the country with its developed brand value, has increased the production capacity day by day to provide fast and uninterrupted service to its customers.

With many years of experience and the power of knowledge in the sector, Prosis Asansor Ltd succeeded to open its overseas branches Centavra L.L.C. in Russia and Girisim Construction Corp. in Nigeria which are part of Girisim Foreign Trade Inc. The company has contributed to the national economy and to raising the image of Turkey and Turkish products emerging its export volume. With its young and dynamic staff, Prosis Asansor Ltd continues to deliver the highest quality to all its customers at the best price on time keeping its first day's excitement.

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